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Beatification Process News Releases--

Sept. 3--Five New Blesseds for the Church & World.

July 28--Rabbi Dedicated Psalm to Pope Pius IX.

July 20--Press Campaign & Beatification Scheduled for 9/3.

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VATICAN CITY, DEC 22 (ZENIT).- Pius IX, the last Pope to hold 
temporal power, will be beatified in the year 2000.  His dramatic reign 
occured at the time of the birth of the Italian nation, and was marked by
serious persecutions by the Freemasons. . .

Pius IX's cause for beatification was one of the longest and most
difficult in Church history. It was begun under Pius X on February 11,
1907, and was re-launched by Benedict XV, without much success, and
later by Pius XI. After the Second World War, the process was
re-initiated by Pius XII on December 7, 1954. The cause advanced during
Paul VI's pontificate. The collection of the acts of the canonical
process (i.e. "positio") was completed, including the analysis of the
candidate's life, questioning of the witnesses and evaluations by
historians and theologians.

The decree on the heroic exercise of theological and cardinal virtues
was finally promulgated by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints on
July 6, 1985, and approved by John Paul II, allowing his proclamation as
"Venerable." Among Pius IX's most outstanding virtues were his
unconditional love for the Church, his charity, and his high regard for
the priesthood and for missionaries. The miracle attributed to Pius IX,
which was verified by the Medical Commission on January 15, 1986, and
definitively proclaimed on Monday of this week, was the inexplicable
cure of a French nun. continued

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